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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine differs greatly from both Traditional Herbal Medicine and Western Pharmacology.

Chinese herbs are rarely prescribed singly.  Most often a number of different herbs are used in combination to correct imbalances which cause disease, and to bring body mind and spirit back into harmony.  These formulas are centuries old and have years of proven effectiveness and safety.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is used when there is an underlying deficiency, in order to supplement it; or when there is an over – accumulation, to disperse it. 


For example if the patient has symptoms of fatigue, with pale tongue and complexion, dry skin hair or eyes, the acupuncturist may determine there is insufficient blood.  This condition may be diagnosed even before there is a change in the lab work indicating anemia or low red blood count.  A formula such as Si Wu Tang would be recommended to help the body produce more blood and prevent the development of anemia.


In another case, a patient may come in with complaints of irritability, becoming easily angered, the tongue may have a purplish cast, the pulse may feel wiry like a guitar string.  In this situation, the acupuncturist may diagnose Qi over accumulation.  This excess Qi gets stuck because it has no room to flow easily, and it can cause many symptoms like those described.  A formula such as Xiao Yao Wan would be recommended to help to smooth the flow of the excess Qi and to disperse it so it does not stagnate and aggravate the emotions. 

Herbs are derived from all parts of plants: roots, stems, seeds, fruits, flowers and leaves. Chinese medicinals also may include substances derived from mineral and animal sources.

Traditionally the herbs are cooked in a decoction, or tea.  At Escondido Acupuncture Center, these herbal formulas are available in easy to take teapills, powders, capsules and tinctures.  

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